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DeLogo Filter for VirtualDub for Windows

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Eliminate Static Elements from Images and Video Sources with Ease

DeLogo Filter for VirtualDub is a tool designed to get rid of a video source’s static elements, such as watermarks and logos. It can easily eliminate alpha-blended logos and keep the picture’s sanctity intact at the same time.

Removal Techniques

DeLogo comes built with a couple of logo removing techniques. The first method is called DeBlend, which is made to remove logos with the help of the provided color and alpha masks. These are supposedly the logo’s actual color and alpha mask. Though it could be tricky to make such masks, the filter also has an analyser that does all the work on your behalf. The second method is repair, which stems from where the first technique fails. Opaque logos can’t be deblended as there isn’t any remnant visible via the logo. The pixels should be painted anew based on the colors surrounding the opaque portion.

Alpha-Blended Logos

The feature to remove alpha-blended logo is DeLogo filter’s primary strength. Alpha-blending a logo is fairly simple. However, removing it from a video could turn out quite tricky if you do not possess the logo’s alpha mask and the actual logo itself. DeLogo offers other mask features, such as repair and analyse masks. These come in particularly handy for processing a letterboxed video or still images when you would not want specific parts to extend to the repaired portion.


  • Removes unwanted elements without much editing
  • Multiple mask features
  • A lightweight package
  • Non-complicated user interface


  • Addresses only static logos
  • A bit complicated to handle
  • The repair method works only with still images
  • Working with longer videos could be difficult


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DeLogo Filter for VirtualDub


DeLogo Filter for VirtualDub 1.3.2 for PC


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